prince MIYAKe


Named after Superman’s father, Jor-El Rios was destined for the stage. Born in Bronx, New York, he was raised by a single mother and his two siblings as the youngest of his family. Rios started dancing at the tender age of 5 when he was offered a scholarship with The Eliot Feld Ballet Tech School in Harlem, where he received his training under the direction of Patrice Hemsworth and Daniel Levans until the age of 10. Through his storied career at The Young Ambition Dance Company under the direction of Lillian Diaz and (where became a Principal Dancer within three years) and the Adult Salsa Dance company under the direction of Eddie Torres, he has continued to enhance his training in Jazz, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Salsa/Mambo on 2, Cha-Cha, Afro-Cuban and International Ballroom. 

Rios began training and dancing competitively in NYC's underground Ballroom Scene at the age of 15, taking on the street style known as Vogue, a dance form known for its magazine style posing and energetic battles. Rios quickly became one of the supreme competitors of his generation, winning trophies all over the country and earning his stage name, The Royal ‘Prince” of Vogue Fem. Soon after being cast as one of the Principal dancers of Vogue Evolution (a five-member Vogue crew), Rios went on to appear with fellow company members on MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew garnering fame in the international dance community. His appearance on MTV's revered show allowed him and his fellow group members to break barriers for the LGBT community by showing viewers that you can be comfortable in your own skin. His most recent endeavors include a dance spotlight in Netflix's The Get Down. Today "Prince" continues to pursue his dream of dancing for the rest of his life and inspiring the world through movement.