Pony zion

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Born and raised in the busy streets of Harlem, Devon “Pony” Webster has dedicated his life to dance since the age of 8 years old. His love of dance eventually led him to master the “Art of Vogue,” a form of dance that capitalizes and displays the contours of the body through enhanced flexibility and finesse. Battling in competitions for voguing, Pony was deemed a Legendary ICON in the underground “Ballroom” community where voguing was first created over 40 years ago. Pony was acknowledged for his consistent fifteen-year long impact within the community by receiving the two Willy Ninja Awards, the Legendary Achievement Award by GMHC, and the Icon Award by New York City Pride. Pony has been a dedicated member of the House/Ball community since 1998. As a result of his masterful voguing skills and his ability to re-define the art form, Pony’s ambition took voguing to a whole entire new level when he created the first vogue dance company “Vogue Evolution,” whose mission was to promote social justice and HIV Prevention through the art of voguing, specifically targeting black gay men.  

Since then Pony has expanded his career internationally by traveling the world and creatively directing shows for celebrities such as Grammy-award winning Fergie who recently dedicated her Lifetime Achievement award to Pony for his endless support and contribution to the LGBT community.  Pony Zion's entrancing gifts envelop the spirit of art and will, as they always have done, and pave the way for those who  will walk next.