EMERGE: IMPACT + MUSIC Blends Music, Culture and Ideas to Create Las Vegas’ Most Unique Live Event


EMERGE: IMPACT + MUSIC is bringing together rising musicians and prominent change-makers in its inaugural year with a series of blended showcases, concerts, and installations. Over the course of three days, April 6-8, 2018, attendees will discover up-and-coming musicians, become inspired by themed sessions on today’s most pressing social topics, participate in interactive parties, and experience some of the Las Vegas Strip’s most famous venues in a completely new way.

“There is nothing else like EMERGE—which is what motivated us to build it,” said Creator and Founder Rehan Choudhry. “As lifelong festival goers, music lovers and appreciators of human complexity, we wanted to create an experience that captures the early collaborative spirit and feeling of discovery that accompanied events that have since gone the way of commercial showcases. We’re building a place where, no matter when or how you show up, you’re stumbling across something new or finding reasons to re-examine your own perspectives.”

Presented by Choudhry's A Beautiful Perspective and Noisey, Vice’s music and culture channel, EMERGE has worked with some of the most accomplished curators, agents, businesses, and concert promoters in the country to assemble an unprecedented lineup of boundary-pushing musical showcases, cultural presentations, and mind-blowing experiences.

“EMERGE is for people who want to see next-generation changemakers and the most innovative thinkers on the same stages—even in the same sessions,” said Choudhry. “We’re taking the connections between creativity, culture and ideas and representing them in one single event.”

Some examples include:

  • The Fairytale Ball: An interactive opening-night performance spectacular produced by The Tenth Magazine. The Fairytale Ball will immerse you in the story of how the underground House/Ballroom scene grew from its roots in the Harlem Renaissance to existing as a freedom movement and LGBT subculture’s response to race, class, sexuality, and gender oppression. Experience living legends of voguing, runway walking, and waacking, and see how these art forms became formidable creative forces in mainstream pop culture, with artists from Madonna to Rihanna engaging the culture in their artistry. Featuring Michell'e Michaels, Kumari Suraj, Pony Zion, and DJ Mike Q.

  • At least 10 musical showcases with artists such as Hurray for the Riff Raff, Poppy, Waxahatchee, CupcakKe, and Cuco. Featured artists OK Go will present a special interactive performance: OK Go Playing the Live Soundtrack to Your Favorite Music Videos.

  • Speaking Truth to Power: A rally-style gathering that celebrates the sights and sounds supporting the revival of America’s greatest tradition—the protest. Featuring Jena Friedman, Rick Smolan, Crystál Xochitl Zamora, and other musical guests.

  • A one-of-a-kind gallery of protest art by Indecline, the American activist collective responsible for last year’s guerilla project placing nude statues of Donald Trump in prominent locations across the country.

  • 10 blended showcases featuring themes of protest and resistance, personal identity, the line between technology and biology, and mental health.

  • Moving impact-focused sessions featuring notables such as legendary music host Matt Pinfield, activist and musician Madame Gandhi, poet Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan, and popular video host and podcaster Dylan Marron.

For a full list of participating talent, visit Emergelv.com/lineup.