kalpulli ehecatl

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Kalpulli Ehecatl is a warrior style dance and musical group founded by  Mapitzmitl Xiukwetzpaltzin (PAZ) in 1986 following the death of mentor Florencio Yescas.  Ehecatl has two components; Ehecatl Aztec Dancers, the dance and musical component of the Kalpulli, who participate in ceremonial Mexica/Chichimeca dance and also perform their music and dance worldwide.

Public performances are a mixture of music, dance and storytelling and are presented in a tri-lingual format of Nahuatl, Spanish and English. Ehecatl Aztec Dancers have presented at such prestigious venues as The Kennedy Center in Washington DC, The Smithsonian Institute, The Heard Museum, and numerous institutions, universities and schools throughout the USA. They have performed in Europe, the Philippine Islands, Canada, and Mexico.  

The second component of Kalpulli Ehecatl consists of a series of cultural awareness workshops and lectures offered by Mapitzmitl Xiukwetzpaltzin (PAZ). These tekios or workshops have been presented worldwide since 1996. The mission of Kalpulli Ehecatl is to entertain and educate the public as to who Mexicans (Americans) are; Native American people who maintain a living/evolving indigenous tradition.