jack mizrahi


Jack Mizrahi born Jacques Ceran Jr. is a 22-year-old veteran of the famed Ballroom Community. Known as the “voice of the Ballroom scene”, Mizrahi is revered for his services as the Master of Ceremony across the nation and abroad. He co-created the National Ballroom Awards Ceremony, which is now entering its 21st-year Anniversary, He established The Ballroom Hall of Fame and The Ballroom House Hall of Fame. He is also regarded for his creative and fresh new categories, adding new levels of concepts to the competition like The Rainbow House Wars, The Battle Balls, and The State to State Ball to name a few.

As Community leader Mizrahi is an advocate of HIV/STD prevention and has volunteered his time and talents to spread the message. Using the ballroom runway as a platform to gain the attention of the community, he has created a homegrown intervention called “The WIZ Group” (We. Intervene. Zealously), which is an intervention program that encourages community members to examine themselves in an effort for positive social change in their network. The program has gained much national exposure from health agencies and the CDC earning a nomination for the Obama Healthy People 2020 campaign. His work has also garnered the attention of those outside the Ballroom community, earning him a spot in the Sean John fashion show, Jennifer Lopez’s  single Tens , DJ Ryan Sky’s dance hit It Takes Nerve. He will appear on  an upcoming E Television voguing special with Grammy-award winner Fergie.