What is Emerge? Is this a conference or a music festival?

Emerge is a new concept in live events. Yes, it’s a conference and, yes, it’s a music festival. It’s the only place where you can come and see the best emerging talent and today’s most innovative thinking on the same stages.

We’ve been to a lot of festivals and conferences, and while there are some good ones out there, we noticed that something was missing. We saw a connection between culture and ideas that wasn’t being represented within one single event. That’s why we created Emerge.

It’s hard to deny that we live in tumultuous times. Everyone could benefit from quality conversations, mixing perspectives, and lively debates—all the better if they’re set to the freshest soundtrack that our culture can afford.

At the heart of Emerge is our blended track concept: carefully curated themes that represent some of today’s trickiest topics. When you attend Emerge, it won’t be some random mix-up of bands and talks. You’ll have a cohesive, meaningful experience focused around the things that matter to you most. Plus you’ll discover the ideas and artists that will shape your year… all until the next Emerge.

There are a lot of other music festivals and conferences out there. Why should I come to Emerge?

Good point. And we’ve probably been to all of them.

We wouldn’t have built Emerge from the ground up if we thought there was anything else like it. As lifelong festival goers, music lovers, activists, thinkers, and appreciators of diversity, we wanted to create an experience that captures the early spirit of events that have gone the way of commercial showcases.

We want a place where you can truly discover your next favorite band, rather than waiting in line for 6 hours for a concert of a highly-produced superstar that you could just as easily stream online. We want to host a discussion that celebrates progressivism and movements, rather than being beholden to big corporate advertisers and interests.

So if you’re looking for that too—and you like being the first one to leap off the cliff—come be pioneers with us on the Las Vegas strip.


If you’re working with top-level talent like Imagine Dragons and Gerard Way, why aren’t they performing?

Hey, it’s not that we don’t want to see Imagine Dragons live. Who wouldn’t? It’s just that there are already festivals and arenas all over the world where you can do that.

We’ve involved top talent like those guys (and dozens of others), and premium partners like Spotify, so that we can create a new experience for you that celebrates all things… well… emerging.

We’ve used some of the keenest eyes in the industry (and even science!) to identify the artists, intellectuals, and leaders who are poised to revolutionize their respective areas of expertise.

So while we can all agree we’d love to see an Imagine Dragons arena show, how great would it be to see acts today who will be selling out arenas tomorrow?

Who are the people and producers behind Emerge?

Emerge is a live event from A Beautiful Perspective. ABP is a new media company that combines journalism, storytelling and live experiences to get people informed, inspired and involved in the world around them. It’s led by Rehan Choudry who headed up Entertainment and Special Events for The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, in addition to founding the Life is Beautiful festival.

Also, there are dozens of industry veterans and experts who have helped to curate and plan Emerge—ensuring it will be the country’s premier event for emerging music and ideas.

Why is Emerge in Las Vegas?

Not only is Las Vegas the entertainment capital of the world, but the people at the helm of Emerge all have deep connections to the city, its venues, and its people.

Las Vegas has more world-class venues per capita than any city on the planet, yet sometimes it can feel like an embarrassment of riches. There simply aren’t enough stars to keep them full 100% of the time. While Vegas has been an incredible home to the legends of the entertainment world, we saw an opportunity for it to become more of a player in the world of emerging artists and thinkers.

Las Vegas itself is an integral part of Emerge’s experience—we couldn’t think of a better place to host our new live event concept than the Strip. Name another festival where the best drinks, the best food, the best hotels, and the best venues are all within walking distance of one another.

Who is coming to Emerge? Will I fit in?

With the lineup we’re planning, the crowd will be eclectic to say the least! And that’s what we’re looking forward to. Emerge was designed to attract a wide range of people from many different walks of life.

We expect that people who are both professionally and casually into emerging music, new ideas, activism, and reaching their full potential will attend Emerge.

The one thing that everyone will share? A sense of adventure.

Come play and learn.

May I take photos/periscope/record any of the sessions?

No cameras with a detachable lens will be allowed without a media pass. Though you should be allowed to take photos or record at all events, check all posted restrictions at each showcase venue.

Can I volunteer for the conference?

Yes! We are working the final details of our volunteer program. Check back for details as we get closer to the conference.

Is EMERGE all ages?

Yes it is all ages, and every attendee needs to have their own their own pass.


The map will be available closer to the event.

Can I get a refund?

All ticket-holders of original November 2017 passes will be 100% refunded for the costs of their tickets. That refund process will be initiated through our ticket partner Eventbrite. You will be notified when the refund initiates and can expect to see the refund on your credit/debit card statement within 7 business days of that notification. If you have questions about this process, please contact us. All passes purchased for 2018 dates will be non-refundable.

What do I need to bring to will call?

Every conference registrant will be required to show their state issued ID at will call to obtain their pass. No exceptions.

Where is Will Call? When are they open?

Yes, there sure is…Box Office details coming soon.

How do I activate/obtain my pass?

All activation and pass pick up will be done at Will Call.

I would like to register someone to attend now, but I don’t know who will be attending. What should I do?

Buy it under a placeholder name or who you believe will be in attendance. You will receive a confirmation of the purchase and we will be able to make a name change at a later date as long as it is in advance of the conference. Check back here for instructions.