Who was it that said a conference couldn’t be more like a festival? And where was it written down that live music can’t coexist on the same stage with engaging speakers and challenging discussions?

We’ve completely rethought what it means to go to a festival or attend a conference by blending the two into one experience designed for maximum impact. Choose the topics and artists that interest you most, then let the wisdom of our curators take you on a remarkable journey that will alter your perspective for the better.

Plus, you’ll never have to choose between dancing and learning.


We believe that, in order to make an impact on the world, you need to bring together a community of diverse and passionate people. We built Emerge to do just that. Here are just a few of the people we built the event for:


Emerge 2017 will feature 100 of the best emerging musicians on the planet. We found them using a proprietary curation program that includes a board of over 20 industry influencers, a proprietary algorithm, Spotify’s incredible data engine, and an internal team of passionate music fans. We do not take applications and we do not book for favors. We only book the very best musicians who are going to change the world in the next 18 – 24 months.


You are the seekers of beautiful insights and progressive perspectives. For you, we are bringing in a lineup of the most passionately curious and deeply insightful thought leaders in the world. These are the people you want to have Thanksgiving dinner with!


You are writers, painters, world creators and image destroyers. You will change the world. In honor of you, we have created a series of incredible program themes to fuel your fire.


Every social movement in history was done to a soundtrack. You are the reason for that. You fuel our soul, and for that we thank you. We are building the networking and work-working experience of your dreams. Direct connect access to talent? Check. A working lounge to take meetings? Yes. A high energy environment to discover the next big thing? You better f’n believe it.


You work for the brands that shape our lives. This is your playground for inspiration, access to your customers, and a wide range of people with their pulse on the future.


SCHEDULE – Stay tuned for the 2018 schedule!

CONFERENCE MAP – Stay tuned for the 2018 conference map! 


Industry VIP ticket buyers will have exclusive access to the Industry Lounge + Meeting Space to enjoy these amenities:

Direct access to industry attendees + talent

Meeting space


We’ve partnered with some of the best live event venues on the Las Vegas Strip! Stay tuned for the list…coming soon!


Hotel Partners coming soon!


Airport Shuttles

On a tight budget? No sweat. Shuttles can cost less than $10 for Strip/Downtown. Check with your hotel for exact schedules/fees.

Uber, Lyft

If you don’t already have one of these apps on your phone, you’ll need to download and register to digitally hail a ride. (Easy and fast!) Be sure to check with airport or resort on designated pick-up and drop-off locations.


Unlike NYC and other major cities, local laws prohibit Las Vegas taxi drivers from picking up passengers that are hailing them. Your best bet is to head to one of the many taxi stands. They are typically located at the valet of resorts, retail spots and restaurants.

You can always CALL ahead for a taxi pick-up!

Walking the Strip

With most everything within walking distance, foot traffic is heavy on the Strip. So is auto traffic. Here are a few important things to keep in mind to make your pedestrian journey safe and efficient.

If you’re not sure where you are headed, check a map or ask for directions. Lots of directions will take you through hotel/casinos to get where you are going.

Stay on sidewalks and pedestrian bridges.  

Don’t jay walk to get across the Strip or intersections. (PLEASE.)

Stop. Look. Listen. Don’t assume drivers see or hear you, there is a very good chance they don’t.

Map of the Strip


At some resort properties, there will be a fee to valet or self-park. Check with individual properties for rates.


It’s important to us that everyone is able to see and hear conference programming comfortably and safely. All Las Vegas Strip properties are compliant with the American Disabilities Act, and will accommodate any needs that may arise. Contact the concierge of your hotel for additional assistance.


There is plenty of ADA parking available at every resort/venue on the Strip! Just make sure you display the proper credential so you don’t get a ticket.


ADA Accessible Van Rentals

Wheelchair Taxis – 24 hour dispatch

Yellow Checker Star Taxi Cab (702) 873-2000

Lucky Cab (702) 477-7555 

Desert Cab (702) 386-9102 

For additional inquiries please email


Desert Climate

Drink lots of water. Even when it’s not summertime-hot, the humidity in the desert is lower than most places and you will feel it. With all the walking, eating and drinking that is typically part of the Las Vegas experience it’s important to stay hydrated.

Safety First!

We take your safety seriously, our partners do too. Las Vegas resort properties have systems in place to make sure everyone is safe and secure. If you need assistance don’t hesitate to reach out to a uniformed security officer, property employee or Emerge team member. If you need to, dial 9-1-1.