ed cage & nicole paris

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Ed Cage, father of Nicole Paris was born and raised in Saint Louis Missouri. He is a Small Business Owner of (Enter-In Media), Public Speaker, Author (I Am America) and Beatbox Artist. Mr. Cage admits working long shifts at work caused a huge disconnect from his children. So, he found something of interest to them and engulfed himself into it.  Today, he can be found constantly filming his fatherly bond in a beatboxing video with Nicole, in a deep discussion about a new movie with his science fiction Author son Lil Edward (Onivous) or talking politics with his youngest Britney

Nicole Paris was also born and raised in Missouri. Her appreciation of beatboxing and developing her own unique sounds began at an early age. After graduating from Johnson & Wales University in Charlotte North Carolina she returned home to be acclaimed as “The Best Female Beatboxer in Saint Louis “, she quickly gained a strong local and regional following. Today, she is recognized as the revivalist and the very first female trailblazer of the art form of Beat-Boxing

Nicole Paris and Ed Cage became globally known for their viral video Mentor vs. Apprentice Pt.2 / Father vs. Daughter; uploaded via Facebook June 29, 2015. By the fourth day of the upload it reached over 5 million views and was publicly declared a viral video. The international communities such as Brazil, Africa, Jamaica, United Kingdom and Asia; where the 5th element of Hip Hop thrives, was the first to support and embrace the talented duo. The international community caused such an uproar that the United States Hip Hop loving community couldn’t ignore them; in particularly the Apprentice, Nicole Paris.

The viral video reflecting the loving bond between Ed Cage and Nicole Paris sparked a whole new area un-tapped. Afterwards, many father and daughter duo took to social media and the marketing industry started incorporating father daughter duos in advertising campaigns. According, to YouTube Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snap Chat, number the combined views of the viral video is well over 160 million and counting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sparring live on ABC, Good morning America and CBS Late Late Show with James Corden and Steve Harvey Show. They quickly became the brand new energetic role models for fathers and daughters all over the world. People just couldn’t stop watching the opened bond shared between the two. In 2015 the duo performed at the Pensado Place Awards, Gears Expo and hosted many beatboxing workshop/performance seminars. In 2016 the duo continued to perform together and pursue independent opportunities such as touring, self-publishing, music producing, community awareness projects, acting, docu- series, voice over and the list goes on. Today the Father and Daughter duo continues to thrive and pull in the mass; proving they’re not just YouTube or Face Book sensations but will become a staple in many lives around the world.

Photo courtesy Enter-In Media