Donna Missal

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Excerpt from Donna Missal Strikes Back With Transformer

So more than a year ago, we were introduced to Donna Missal at the 2016 Bumbershoot Festival in Seattle. She had just released a couple of singles, “The Keeper” and “Sick”, but in just the last year, she additionally released a few more singles and was featured on “Over It” by Macklemore off his new LP, GEMINI. And to top it off, she was listed on Lemonade’s Breakout Artists of 2017.

The New Jersey pop starlet took a few months to work with producer Tim Anderson (Solange, Banks, Halsey) to revitalize and refine her sound, but Donna Missal is now back with her killer, sultry single, “Transformer”. Her gravelly, smoked vocals are by no means diminished. She is still a powerhouse that does not allow a single note to stray. The updated rock-inspired, anthemic track is catchy, engaging and addictive. Normally, when you have a vocalist with such power, there can be an element of tenderness that is absent, but Donna Missal has discovered that balance.