Dmitri Vietze

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Dmitri Vietze is the founder of rock paper scissors (, a PR firm that has attracted clients ranging from nomads who traded in their Kalashnikovs for electric guitars to some of the most influential music technology companies of our times. Vietze got his start as an activist in the streets of New York, where he alternated between playing music in the subways and organizing demonstrations on the United Nations while still in high school. He went on to develop a style of publicity that goes deep on story discovery to amplify clients’ contributions to the world. Vietze’s mission is to help people articulate their passions and grow their followings via the media and beyond. Representing companies like CD Baby and LyricFind, Vietze is immersed in shifts taking place in the music industry around transparency, equity, and diversity. His company organizes CD Baby’s annual DIY Musician Conference, where Vietze helps identify some of the most compelling tactical advice for independent artists. Vietze is known for his community facilitation style and crazy pants from SXSW to SF MusicTech.