crystál xochitl zamora

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Crystal Zamora, B-Girl Smallz, has been dancing from the very start of her life. Her Mother danced while pregnant and up to the day of Crystal’s birth. In Crystal’s family, babies are introduced to their culture of Aztec dance by being placed by the drum in a stroller. As she learned to walk she was put in the middle of the circle to learn the rhythms and dances of the Aztec or Mexica people. Crystal has been following her peoples traditions ever since. Crystal next fell in love with Flamenco when her mother would take her stroller into class. Crystal would sit in the corner watching while her Mother would dance. At the age of five Crystal began studying the art of Flamenco with Eva Encinias at the Conservatory of Flamenco Arts. In 1998 Crystal’s family was part of a theater production called Roots of Hip-Hop . This is where she first met B-Boys and saw Hip-Hop Culture. Although around the culture, Crystal didn’t start Breaking until the age of 18. Since then Crystal has continued dancing all three styles. Her love of dance has led her to study many other styles of dance as well however these three remain the core of her identity and life.